Safest Landing in China

Safest Landing in China

What do we mean when we say Kenneth’s English School is the safest landing in China?

Simply that we try and make it the safest and easiest transition possible – especially when you arrive from abroad. Lets face it, uprooting and relocating across the world to a school in China can be risky.

Some schools deliberately “overbook” new teachers, hiring two for one position and then choosing only one among the two arrivals.Some schools lure teachers over on the promise of “legal visa documents” or the like, only to have the teacher working illegally on an F or L Visa.

Sometimes a school will tell you they are licensed to hire foreigners, but they want you to come over on a tourist (L visa) or Business (F visa) visa, instead of a proper work (Z visa) visa. They may say this is easier, or faster, or an emergency.

Issuing you a work visa means your school accepts legal responsibility for your welfare. Anything else is ducking that responsibility.

Ask yourself, if a school really had the power to hire you safely and legally, and issue you a Z visa, why in the world would they ask you to come over on another visa?

At Kenneth’s English School, teachers can rest easy knowing they will be working fully legally, be fully paid, and that there are no tricks or games.


[stextbox id=”info”]I volunteer to answer questions on a website forum titled, “Ask Headmaster Ken”. Below are some excerpts and links to issues teachers present to me. Unfortunately, these situations are not terribly unusual. So, regardless or where you ultimately choose to work, please do your due diligence and thoroughly check out your prospective employer before arriving.

Caution Symbol Icon  I came to China in November 2009 with a recruiter based in England. They told me to come over on an L-visa which would be converted when I arrived. I stupidly did this having failed to do proper research in advance and the whole thing turned out to be a scam….
 Caution Symbol Icon  The agency that my school used to employ me is abusing me and trying to blackmail me with the landlord...
 Caution Symbol Icon  Long story short: I was working on an alien work permit and residence permit with a private training school. The boss is angry because it cost her a lot of money to get my working papers, and I left at the end of the contract for another school. She is withholding my final paycheck and the alien work permit…
 Caution Symbol Icon  So today one of the Chinese teachers casually pulls me aside and says the police want to speak with me. In the meeting room, the man in uniform asks my name, occupation, and nationality. He then asks to see my passport (I had it on me).I’m a U.S. citizen, 32 years old, with a legitimate Z-visa and my contract ends in a month. He shakes his head and asks where I got my visa. Confused, I explained how the school sponsored me while I was in the US, which is where I applied and received the visa. After that he says the school is not allowed to hire foreign teachers and he is keeping my passport…
 Caution Symbol Icon Long story short, I accepted a job online to work in a private school. When I got here, everything was totally different than what they had promised…

I suggest you peruse some of the stories above, as well as the rest of the MKL site, in order to have an idea of where you might want to be cautious.