Pay and Benefits


Pay and Benefits at Kenneth’s English School

Pay and benefits at Kenneth's English School

Pay and benefits at Kenneth’s English School


Our school offers a competitive compensation package for our region.

Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about being paid in full, or on time. For those of you with China ESL experience, you know what this means.

Base Salary

Our base salary is 8,000 RMB per month (at the time of this writing the exchange rate is about 6  RMB to one US dollar). You should be able to live comfortably on less than half of that. The rest you can save for travel or spend as you please.

Housing Allowance

You are paid a housing allowance in cash each month, (up to 2,000 RMB) or, you can choose a school selected apartment.


Airfare Allowance:

You will be paid 8,000 RMB is cash at the end of your contract. This money is deigned to help defray the costs of your flights to and from China.

You will receive the full 8,000 allowance whether you buy an airline ticket home or not.


Medical Benefits

Our school pays up to 600 RMB, per incident, per month, for medical costs related directly to unexpected illness or injury. This also covers testing and medicine.

400 RMB is more than adequate to cover the basic illnesses and injuries you are likely to encounter during your stay here.

The best hospital in Jilin is down the block from our main school and you don’t need an appointment to be seen.

We do not cover preventative medical procedures or testing, pregnancy, or emergency medical evacuation costs.

If you believe you might need extended medical coverage,( such as  catastrophic medical coverage, emergency medical evacuation services, etc.)  beyond what we offer you will want to find and purchase these on your own before you arrive.

Visa Processing

Please do not plan to arrive on a Tourist Visa (L Visa) and have it converted to a Z Visa (working Visa). Your paperwork must be done before you arrive to China and you will place yourself at risk of fines and deportation by doing taking any shortcuts.

Our school is licensed to hire foreigners and we can get your visa and working papers done the proper, legal way. Once you are in the mainland, we will pay to have all of your necessary new documents and exams processed.



Any school that tells you they are licensed to hire foreigners, but want you to come to China on a tourist visa instead without a proper work “Z” visa should raise some red flags in your mind.  It’s a bit like a cruise ship captain announcing the cruise line has plenty of lifeboats and  life preservers, but they aren’t taking them on your cruise because you won’t need them.