Teaching at Kenneth’s English


Teaching at Kenneth’s English



At Kenneth’s English School you will be teaching students ranging from approximately five to fifteen years of age. Teaching is conducted at either our main school, a training center, or at one of our branches within the city.

Teaching Schedule

Teachers are contracted to teach 18 contact hours per week and attend a one hour administrative/training meeting for approximately 38 Weeks per year. During our Summer and Winter Camps, each four weeks in length, your schedule will change.

During Summer and Winter camps, teachers work their normal eighteen hour schedule plus three 3.5 hour day class session per week for a total of eight weeks each year of 28.5 hours per week. The Summer Camp Lesson Plans and craft activity materials are provided. For a graph of the teaching schedule please [rokbox size=”775 317″ title=”Work and Holiday Schedule” text=”click here”]http://kennethsenglish.com/wp-content/themes/rt_kinetic_wp/images/system/school-schedule.jpg[/rokbox]. You can learn more about our Summer/Winter Camps [here].

Training Center Schedule: Saturday, Sunday and three two hour classes during the evening from 5-7.

How contact (teaching) hours are calculated:

55 minute classes are counted as one contact hour. All training center classes are fifty-five (55) minutes, which count as one teaching hour.

Please note: We do not have office hours for teachers.

Teaching Methods

All classes are taught in a high energy, fun, and educationally sound manner.

We use games, songs and fun teaching methods to keep students focused and learning. Children learn without even knowing they are learning.

We teach to all learning styles and use TPR (Total Physical Response) and whole-brain activities to ensure maximum learning opportunities for students.

We conduct either an oral or written assessment of every student each month to measure progress.

While the class is designed for maximum fun for children, we realize that every activity must have a sound educational purpose. We take teaching seriously, but keep it fun for students.

In our training center, we require every class be taught with a written lesson plan. Classes are expected to start and finish on time.

You can expect your classes to be observed by a native English speaking supervisor from time to time. The supervisor will give you feedback and provide coaching and training as necessary.

You will have plenty of assistance to help you learn our teaching methods (if needed). Teachers are willing to help each other and share tips on what works (and sometimes, what doesn’t work). In addition, you will have a native English speaking trainer or supervisor who is responsible for ensuring you are trained and ready to teach to our standards.

You will be provided with a textbook and vocabulary list for each class. More than fifty percent of each class is dedicated to review. (Public schools use books, but classes are taught a little differently. If you are assigned to a public school, your trainer will explain the differences in teaching methods used).

Class size

At our training center, classes are normally limited of approximately thirty students.  The average class size in our school is about eighteen students.  By comparison, Chinese public school classes range in size from twenty-five (kindergarten) to sixty-five, with the average class size about forty-five students.