DongBei Women


DongBei (Northeast) China women have a reputation for being sometimes scrappy. And the more rural they are, the more ornery they are.  This is not to say there are no DongBei ladies who fit the stereotypical  demure and soft-spoken mold.  They can be found in abundance. But you will definitely  notice the presence of saucy DongBei ladies too.

Once, on a flight from Beijing to Changchun there were three women in front of me. For some reason, two women took offense at some minor slight of the third woman.  One of the DongBei ladies got up from her seat and slapped the third woman hard across the face. The two women appeared to be rural country-women and cackled with glee to each other throughout the one hour flight.

Another time I watched a Chinese teacher, frustrated with four students lined up in front of her, slap all four students across the face in a Three Stooges style single slap.

A veteran expat I knew gave me this advice, “N ever throw a Dongbei girl’s luggage down the stairs to evict her, ’cause you are going to be the one carrying them back up those stairs.”  In a heated fight, he threw his girlfriend’s luggage down the stairs to emphasize the point he was breaking up with her. For four days she sat on the stairs in front of his apartment, (a form of shaming) until he relented and carried her luggage back up the stairs.

One teacher in our school could not go home for days because a girlfriend’s relatives had surrounded his apartment building, highly incensed he wanted to end the relationship with their kin.

Thwe bottom line is this, treat Dongbei girls with respect. not because of what she or her relatives might do, but because, like a women, she deserves it.

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