Teaching English in China

Teaching at Kenneth's English School

Teaching at Kenneth’s English School


To Those Interested in Teaching English in China…

In these pages, we have placed the most important and the most commonly requested information about our school in a clean, easy to navigate format.  The menu items at the top contain drop down sub-menus. Our school has been in business for going on ten years now, an noteworthy achievement given the instability in the training school business in China.

It is important for teachers who want to teach in China to understand the China ESL market.  So many schools in China are actually unlicensed and have teachers teaching English illegally – this can result in fines and deportation.  When you look at a school remember this, anyone can promise anything on the Internet.

As part of your China teaching preparation, be sure to contact current and former teachers of the school to learn what the school is really like. Since December of 2004 China has slowly but steadily tightened the rules and regulations regarding visas and teaching in China. Every year new rules are added. What happens is teachers who took a hiring shortcut suddenly find their “legal enough” status is now being enforced as “entirely illegal” status.  This can cause a lot of pain for those who have Chinese families or significant others.  So, please, do your due diligence and make sure you will be working legally.

This is not meant to scare away those who want to teach ESL in China. Teaching English in China can be an amazing, unforgettable and life altering experience. It is a fact however, that your employer, and your relationship with your employer, will have a huge impact on that experience. To get a fuller understanding of the living and teaching experience in China, I strongly suggest you read some credible, professionally edited ESL blogs and forums such as Middle Kingdom Life. Please take a few minutes to browse and see if you think our school might be a good fit for you.  If you think so, or want more information, send us an email at jobs@kennethsenglish.com.